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October Postcard Preview!

October 18th, 2017, 9:53 am

Happy Wednesday the 18th!!! OOoooooooOOoooohhh!!
...Yes, I let Friday the 13th slip by me unnoticed... Dangit!
But that doesn't mean it's too late for me to get my spook on! And you can too with this eerie October postcard! Do you recognize it? >:D
If you'd like your own copy, be sure to pledge on Patreon soon so you can get it before Halloween!

So long Jakiro

September 28th, 2017, 10:53 pm

I hope this isn't to personal to share. If you'd rather skip this update, I won't be offended. tl/dr: We lost a beloved family pet yesterday. The current detour will continue for one more week, and then we'll finally begin a new chapter.

Yesterday we lost a small, scaly member of our family. She may have been a lizard, but we loved her very much.
We adopted Jakiro, the female bearded dragon, about two years ago. She was already about a year old. We loved her immediately, especially our daughter! She was always very calm. She never showed any aggression beyond a sort of annoyed "sigh" when we would put her in her bath or try to give her meds. She loved to just sit in our lap or sometimes on our shoulder, though would often try to scurry down the other side, haha!
A couple months ago her appetite began to diminish. About a month ago we started to grow concerned and took her to the vet. A few tests and medications later, and her condition failed to improve. These past couple weeks were especially difficult. We had to tube feed her in order to get her to eat anything and watch her carefully to see if she kept it down. It was so hard to wonder she was going to make it. Sometimes she would seem to make minor improvements, but then slip back into lethargy.
Finally, yesterday, she became unresponsive. We took her to the vet one last time and there we decided we had done all that we could, and that it was time to let her go. She was put to sleep, and left her sick body behind. Upon examination, her vet determined the cause was an infection that while not uncommon in beardies is difficult to detect, difficult to treat, and had probably been developing for quite some time, maybe even most of her adult life. In short, there wasn't much we could have done for her. But we were comforted to think that we at least provided her with a loving home during her time on this earth.
I think I was affected the most by her sickness. I loved her very much and didn't want her to die, but also didn't want her to suffer needlessly. The stress of the past month or so is part of the reason for the current comic detour. For the most part though, I feel at peace now. I'm glad we at least tried to nurse her back to health. Now she's at rest, and I believe we'll see her again after we've all finished our mortal journey.

The trying events of this week took their toll. I'm sorry for the delay, but I will need one more week to get things back on track. As always though, I won't leave you empty handed; I'll have some material next week to keep you (hopefully) entertained. And no, it's not emoji themed. (Just in case anyone was getting sick of that, haha!) Thank you all so much for your patience.

A Much Needed Detour

September 16th, 2017, 10:57 pm

I must ask you all for patience. The past few weeks have been rather difficult on me and my family. Without going into too much detail, we're currently dealing with a sickness in the family that is quite serious, as well as the sickness of a beloved family pet. We'll be all right. Still, things have been rather emotionally draining lately. While trying to keep up on the work I need to do for Aww, Feathers! I finally decided I need a brief reprieve. So I'll be taking the next couple weeks off from updating the regular story. Much as I hate delaying the next chapter of the story, I feel this will be good for me and will allow me to more easily sort out some things in real life. In addition, there are things I still need to do in order to prepare for AWU, and I want to give myself adequate time to do them.
Not to worry; I won't leave you without anything in the meantime. I've whipped up something I hope you'll find at least somewhat amusing. Have you ever seen someone try to tell an entire story using only emoji? This isn't quite that extreme. But I've redone the previous chapter, replacing all the dialogue with emoji, to see how clearly they could communicate what's going on, haha! I hope you enjoy it at least a little. It was kind of a fun exercise. Check back Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for the next two weeks.
Thank you for understanding. This summer has been rough. But we're going to make it through.

Accepting PayPal Pledges!

September 13th, 2017, 8:52 pm

I've had a few people ask if they could support Aww, Feathers! through PayPal instead of Patreon. I have no problem with that, so I decided to make it official.
If you would like to make a one-time donation, or just prefer to use PayPal over Patreon, you may do so at for whatever amount you choose. You will still receive the same rewards as if you had donated through Patreon, including exclusive content like sketches, WIPs, etc. during the month you donate. You won't be able to see them in the Patreon news feed, but they will be made available in an exclusive channel in the Aww, Feathers! Discord Server, which you can join here:

Milestone rewards will continue to depend on total contributions received from Patreon. However, if some PayPal backers make regular monthly contributions, theirs will be factored into the total as well.

If you you would like to contribute but happen to prefer a method other than Patreon or PayPal, just let me know and we'll work out the details.

Thank you all once again for all your support! ❤

September Postcard Preview

September 9th, 2017, 5:38 pm

It's Ine!
It's emoji!
It's Ine-moji!!
I'll let myself out...
Did anybody here see the Emoji Movie...? I was actually really interested in seeing it, until I started to hear the almost universally bad reviews. If half the things critics were saying were true, it sounds like I dodged a bullet. But hey! If you're an emoji fan, pick up this postcard to add to your assortment of other emoji themed paraphernalia! If you don't like emoji... get it anyway to help support the comic! Win-win!
You can get one by pledging on Patreon before the end of September!

August Postcard Preview

August 20th, 2017, 12:57 am

Summer is drawing to a close. But don't let it go without a fight! Get out there, soak up some rays, jump in the pool, and enjoy a cool treat... maybe all at once?? Oh, and speaking of cool treats, ask your local ice cream truck if they have Ine-cicle or Chil-awar frozen dessert pops! If they don't, consider snagging this month's patron postcard. It's the next best thing. In fact, maybe it's even better, because a postcard doesn't melt! Genius!!
Get your own copy by pledging on Patreon before the end of the month. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

End of Summer Plans

August 19th, 2017, 9:26 am

This has been... an interesting summer. While I've tried to respond to comments and such, I haven't been as active on the site as I wanted to be. For most of the summer I was working a lot of extra hours at my day job, which, after family and other responsibilities, sucked up nearly all of my spare time. In addition, there have been some family difficulties that I can't really discuss at the moment, but that have been an added stress. Long story short, it's been a challenging summer for my family and me. But, it's also been a good one. In numerous ways, our challenges this summer have been good for us. We've come together as a family in spite of how much time I was spending away because we were all looking out for each other. I picked up some useful time management habits since I had to find a way to fit in comic work on top of everything else. And we've been able to see evidence of God's goodness in the form of little miracles and the kindness of friends and family.

Anyway, all this is to say that we're not completely out of the woods at this point, but my work hours have returned to normal now, which is a huge relief. So now that I can afford to be a bit more active on the site and spend more time on art, I wanted to let you know of a few things coming coming up in the next few months (in addition to normal comic updates).

First of all, AWU!! That's Anthro Weekend in Utah! I have an important announcement to make: not only will I be in the Dealer's Den, I will also be presenting a panel! I'm currently scheduled for Friday, October 27 at 5pm, though that could change, so to be sure, check out the AWU schedule at My working title is "How To Act Like A Pro When You Feel Like An Amateur" (or HTALAPWYFLAA for short), a topic I feel especially qualified to speak about, haha! And don't worry. For those who won't be attending AWU, I'll be recording my presentation and posting it online afterwards! I'm really excited for the convention, and also a bit nervous. Better get to writing and rehearsing my presentation!

Also with my extra busy schedule this October, I'm planning another guest comic event! I don't know the exact dates yet, but it will probably be sometime during October or November. When I know for sure, I'll post the dates here. But if you already know you'd like to submit one, feel free to get started on your submission; just consider this your super advance notice!

Finally, I'm considering officially opening up art commissions, now that I have more time on my hands. I'm still figuring out prices and how many I can handle. I'll probably start with one or two slots per month and increase to more if there is interest. I'll be sure to post once commissions are available. If you already think you'd be interested, keep your eyes open for future news updates!

Thank you all for your continued support! You really do help make this comic possible! And just a reminder that if you would like to help the comic update even more frequently, you can help with a contribution on Patreon! Whatever you can manage; even just $1 per month, makes a difference and brings us closer to our next milestone!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

July Postcard Preview

July 12th, 2017, 6:18 am

If you've never been to Utah, you may or may not know about Pioneer Day. It's July 24th, and it's kind of a heckuva big deal! Officially, this state holiday celebrates the day that the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley and began to create their new home. Today however, it's extended to remembering all the "pioneers" in our lives, both literal and figurative. If you go back in your family history, it won't be hard to find pioneers in some sense among your ancestors. Perhaps someone who immigrated to your current residence, or who was a leader in their field or community.
This month's postcard features Edward Coatl, and you only get one guess who's ancestor he is! ;-D He's actually loosely based off one of my own ancestors who helped settle the beautiful city I currently live in. Seriously guys. The Mormon Church puts a lot of emphasis on family history, but regardless of your religious inclinations, doing a bit of research into your family tree is super interesting! I challenge you to take just a bit of time to discover something new about those who came before you.
To snag your own copy of this piece of feathered history, be sure to pledge on Patreon before the end of the month. Happy Pioneer Day all!

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