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September Postcard Preview

22 Aug 2016 06:11 am

September is almost here, and that means school. Sorry to bring that up! The AF cast is already hard at work with their classes. The September patron postcard shows a small glimpse into the everyday life of one of the girls... do you think that's June or Mally's desk? Anyway, as you can tell, they spent the evening goofing off after a hard day of school, work, and other responsibilities. Get your copy by clicking here and you'll also be supporting future updates to the comic!
Although it's made me a bit more busy, it feels good to be back to updating every week again! Thanks once again to everyone who has supported on Patreon!


03 Aug 2016 06:06 am

For the past several months, Aww, Feathers! has only been updating three or four times per month. This has always been an important personal project to me, and I plan to keep updating it at least a few times every month, whatever happens. However, it's been my goal to be able to dedicate more time to it than I had previously. In order to achieve that goal while still fulfilling my responsibilities with my job and my family, I needed to see how much interest and support I could gain for the story. Thanks to my wonderful supporters on Patreon, an important milestone has been met.

Aww, Feathers! is now officially back to updating its main storyline every week, and will continue to do so as long as our current funding level is maintained or exceeded. Thank you all so much for helping to make it possible!

So what's next? You may notice that our next goal has already been posted, and that it's a bit further away to reach than previous goals have been. Because I only have so much time to work on Aww, Feathers! more frequent updates will be harder to come by, at least for the time being. However, after our new baby comes in November, there will be some new incentives to help us reach new milestones. And perhaps someday... *stares wistfully into the distance* ...someday... I may be able to work on Aww, Feathers! more full time. Such an apple-pie-in-the-sky dream is still plenty far away, but in the meantime I'm happy to dedicate what time is available to creating a story that I and others love.

For those who are not yet pledging on Patreon, know that I value your readership as well and that your support is also valuable. If you'd like to help in some way here's an assignment for you: find someone you've never shared Aww, Feathers! with, and tell them about it, why you enjoy it, and perhaps even share your favorite page or chapter with them! Seriously, word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to increase an audience. And of course, if your situation allows, consider pledging just a small amount on Patreon. Even less than a dollar! Every pledge--large or small--has helped us reach the point we're at now.

And finally, thank you once again to those who have already pledged their support on Patreon! It's been such a great journey, and it's only getting started! I hope you enjoy the stories that are to come!


FITB Entries

28 Jul 2016 05:29 am

Thanks to those who participated in my last minute Fill in the Blanks (FITB) idea! I received three entries, and each one had something I liked about it... so I decided to award a prize to all three! :3 Hey, I can do that! My rules! :P
You can see the entries here. Participants should expect an email from me soon.
This was kinda fun. I think I'd like to have "mini-contests" like this one more often. We'll see. (Oh, and speaking of mini-contests, if you're one of the few that entered my Civil War Giveaway a while back... I haven't forgotten... sorry for taking so long on that! I will get to you soon!)

Fill in the blanks!

23 Jul 2016 09:43 pm

Guess what? You get a chance to participate in the comic creation process! Sorta. I was just working on the first page of the upcoming chapter, and just looking at the expressions and actions without the dialogue made me wonder what people would think was going on. And then I thought, "Why not find out?"
I know this is super last minute, but I want you to take the image above and then fill in the blanks! Make it funny, crazy, dramatic, random, or whatever you want! Just keep it PG, and one entry per person, please. You can download the image above (right click the image and save it) and then add text directly onto it, or just submit the text you would put in each dialogue bubble. Submit your entries to me at or just leave a comment. Please have your submissions in by Monday, July 25 at 11:59 PM (Mountain Time). I'll post my favorite ones next week! And the creator of my top favorite will receive one AF postcard of their choice, as a token of my appreciation for humoring my last-minute cray-cray idea.
What are you waiting for? Get to writing!

It's going to be okay.

18 Jul 2016 06:42 pm

There are times when all I want is for somebody to give me a hug, hold me for a while and say, "It's going to be okay." I felt like this time it was my turn. This is the design for the August patron postcard, and it is dedicated to all those who have suffered from the violence, hatred, and anger the world over. Rather than watermark it like I've done with the others, I decided to make the digital version available to everyone. Please feel free to download and share if you or anybody else could use a comforting thought (simply right click the image and save it to your computer).

It's been an emotionally exhausting past couple months. A lot of things really suck at the moment. It feels like forever since I've seen a flag that wasn't at half-mast. I'm constantly hearing about some other attack or other tragedy on the news. And it's tempting to just say, "Oh well, signs of the times, the world is just going to get worse." At times it feels like all we can do is hunker down and endure the terribleness. But I don't think that's the right attitude to have. Things really can get better. And I don't just mean in some distant future. I don't mean in the next life or after the Second Coming, if that's what you believe (though I do believe it and look forward to it). Things can get better NOW. And I'm optimistic (some might say naïve) enough to think that they will. But to borrow a phrase, "We have to try" (Thanks, Judy Hopps).

So let's come together. Let's mourn and pray and comfort one another. But afterwards, let's get back up and do more. Let's have the hard conversations. Let's put aside our agendas and focus on what is best for everyone. And most of all, let us LOVE. Love like we never have before. Love strong enough that we are motivated to do more than just talk about it; love people (family, friends, strangers) enough to serve them, talk to them, be a companion for however long our paths may cross. Let's try to make the world a better place. If we can do that, I really do think that it's going to be okay.

If the seriousness is getting you down, don't worry. We'll be back to the antics of our fun-loving furry and feathered friends soon enough (and I have a really fun idea for the next patron postcard; don't forget to pledge on Patreon to receive a physical copy)! But in the meantime, never give up hope. Never stop giving. Never stop loving. We've a difficult journey ahead, but we'll make it together. It's going to be okay.

Half-time plans for 2016

06 Jul 2016 08:31 pm

The year 2016 is half over. Almost exactly. Wow. This seemed like a good time to talk about some plans for Aww, Feathers! for the rest of the year. This mostly centers around one important piece of news for my family and me. We're expecting another child!
We've known for a while now, but just a few days ago we had the ultrasound. Everything is looking great, and we discovered that we're having another girl! Our second daughter is due to arrive some time around late October or early November. As you can probably guess, that's going to affect the release schedule for the comic. Which is why I plan to hold our second guest comic event as the time draws nearer. I'll make an official post about it when it's time to begin accepting submissions, but for anyone who likes to have plenty of time to plan in advance, know that that's coming. (If you'd like to review the rules for submission from the previous guest comic event, you can find them here. The rules for this event will be very similar if not identical.)
So long story short, keep an eye out for future news updates when the guest comic event will officially start as well as any other news about the comic's release schedule. Thanks again for all your support guys! It's been so great to be able to work on this webcomic while also taking care of my family and a full-time job. My wife and I are very excited for both our family and this story to continue to grow!

High Tech Tech!

25 Jun 2016 04:36 pm

I got some new equipment, which is excellent news! My laptop was kind of limping along for a while. It would freeze and/or crash a lot while running Photoshop or Manga Studio, and sometimes it would do weird things like making the windows I was working in turn invisible... it got really buggy and difficult to use towards the end there. So hopefully a new main machine will help prevent those sorts of technical issues. I also decided to give an art tablet a try. I got a used Surface Pro 3 to see how well that works out for me, and if I like it I may upgrade in the future. So far I've been pretty impressed. It has a few quirks, but I absolutely LOVE the fact that it's a full computer, and not just a tablet, meaning I can install just about any program I want on it. The portability is a huge plus as well, and I've been able to work on some of my art while on the go.
The only downside is the time it takes for me to get everything back up and running the way it was on my old laptop, as well as the time it takes to learn how to use my new equipment. So I figured this would be a good time for a short chapter. The chapter that begins on Tuesday will be even shorter than the one that just finished. I thought about doing the entire chapter on my Surface Pro, but I've learned that while it's good for certain art tasks, it can be tricky to perform others. For example, it works just fine for sketching and coloring, but inking and lettering can be a bit tricky on it. Still, I think it will be a useful tool. So the page that comes out on Tuesday was done completely on the Surface, which is partly the reason for the change in style and quality. Things may continue to look somewhat different as I get the hang of all my new equipment and figure out the optimal way to incorporate them into my workflow. But my plan is to be back to my regular style by the next chapter.
So yeah, long story short, this next chapter is a short one and I'll be using it to experiment with my new tools. We'll see how things go.

July Postcard Preview

11 Jun 2016 12:55 pm

Leaping lizards, is it June already? Phew, last month was busy! I also have some news. We picked up a couple new supporters on Patreon! We didn't quite reach our next goal for June, which means we'll only have three story updates this month. However, thanks to our patrons we are currently on track to meet the goal for next month! That's exciting news, because if we can make it then there will be four story updates every month instead of every other month!
On that note, I present the July Patron Postcard! I had a bit of fun experimenting with this one, and Mally was happy to pose for the part of Lady Liberty! Patrons who pledge $5 or more before the end of June will receive a copy, supporting Aww, Feathers! and showing off their patriotic spirit at the same time! It's kinda like three things for the price of one, right? You can pledge by clicking here!
Anyways, thanks so much to those who have already supported Aww, Feathers! The current chapter is wrapping up and I've got plenty of fun plans in the pipe! Enjoy your Summer!

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