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Thank You!

This page is dedicated to all those who have supported Aww, Feathers! in any way. You all have my profound gratitude!

Book 1 Indiegogo Backers

In September and October of 2015 we held an Indiegogo campaign for Aww, Feathers! Book 1: First Impressions. The campaign is over now, but if you'd like to see it for old time's sake, you can do so here. The following are some of the contributors who helped make that book possible. Thank you so much!

Patreon Supporters

Patreon is a platform for supporting ongoing projects, like webcomics! You can see the Patreon page here. The following are those who have ever supported Aww, Feathers! on Patreon. Thank you!


An extra large, double decker, super sweet with a cherry on top thank you to my wonderful wife, who not only supported my efforts to make a webcomic from the very beginning (and continues to do so) but who has also provided me with inspiration for material on more than many occasions! I love you sweetie! (All y'alls look away for a minute...) *Smooooch!* <3

A double chocolate, fudge dipped, with extra whipped cream thank you to Ellen Natalie, creator of the webcomic Furry Experience, which played no small roll in inspiring me to finally buckle down and make my own. Not only is she responsible for creating a top-notch, family friendly furry comic, she's also been wonderful at offering advice and words of encouragement to aspiring artists, including myself. Keep up the good work! (If you haven't read Furry Experience, you should definitely check it out at furryexperience.com!)

A powdered sugar'd, boston cream filled thanks to Phil Elliott, the creator of the Comic Strip font, which is used in this comic, and which he generously made free to use! Check out his website (which includes a free download of the font) at elliott-design.com.

And finally, a big, big batch of thank you cookies to each and every one of you who has liked, favorited, followed, commented, shared, or even just viewed this comic. You all are awesome!