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My plan is for this comic to be available online for free for the rest of the foreseeable future and for as long as I am able to continue creating content. However, any support I receive from viewers in any form helps this project of mine to keep going. If you are enjoying your AF experience, there are a number of things you can do to support the comic.

Financial Support

If you have the means, there are a few ways in which you can support Aww, Feathers! financially, including buying something from the store, ordering a unique art commission from me, becoming a regular monthly supporter on Patreon, or leaving a one-off donation through ko-fi. Every contribution means a ton, and helps me towards my goal of being able to release new pages of the comic more frequently!

Give Feedback

I love getting feedback from my viewers! I see it as evidence that they genuinely care about what I'm doing here. If you see something you like, I want you to let me know. If you see something you don't like, I really want you to let me know. Constructive criticism is welcome. Don't worry; I can take it, even if it's a bit harsh (just don't get nasty... there is a difference). Whether you have suggestions on how to make the comic better, notice a misspelling, translation error, or other mistake, or just saw a page that really made your day, I'd love to hear from you!
Leave a comment, or email me at: awwfeathers@gmail.com

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