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Q & A

Q: What's the premise of the comic?
A: Aww, Feathers! is a slice-of-life comic, meaning it shares everyday experiences from the lives of the characters. It features a variety of characters, all based on animals, and follows their life through college and beyond. The tone is meant to be light-hearted and often humorous, but occasionally serious and thought-provoking.

Q: Is this comic family friendly?
A: Yes! While the intended audience is probably teens and up, my goal is for the entire comic series to be safe for anyone to enjoy. It's rated SFW (Safe For Work) or probably about a PG rating.

Q: What does "Aww, Feathers" mean?
A: One of the main characters, Ine, sometimes uses the word "feathers" as a sort of replacement swear (like "shucks," "dang," or "heck"). So "Aww, feathers" is a catch-phrase he uses when surprised or embarrassed.

Q: Is this a "furry" comic?
A: Not in the way you may be thinking. Aww, Feathers! features anthropomorphic animals as characters, often referred to as "furries," but it is a family friendly comic, and has nothing to do with adult oriented themes or fetishes sometimes associated with the furry fandom.

Q: Is this an LDS comic?
A: Not exclusively. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka "Mormon" or "LDS"), and frequent mention is made of the Church and there are occasional references to Mormon culture. Several characters are members of the Church, and it is a very large part of their lives. However, not every story arc will deal with LDS or even religious topics, and overall the comic is intended for a general audience. Mormon or not, religious or not, I hope everyone can find something they can relate to.

Q: Why animal characters instead of humans?
A: There are a few reasons. I like animals and they're fun to draw. They're also easier for me to draw than humans and with a nearly endless variety to choose from, coming up with new and unique characters is also easier (and lots of fun). But it's also somewhat of an analogy. Many of the characters are so different in species. Sometimes this causes tension or awkwardness, but often they learn to get along. Shouldn't we be the same?

Q: Do the different species represent different races or groups of people in the real world?
A: No. While certain species may be more common in certain regions of the world, different species in Aww, Feathers! are not meant to represent any particular human race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. It's its own distinction. The same goes for ferals; there's no parallel to the human world, except that it's just another way that people can be different. And different is okay!

Q: Are the stories based on real events?
A: Many of them are. In fact, quite a few of the story arcs are based on my own personal experiences. A lot of the details are different however and some of the events are entirely fictional or only loosely based on reality.

Q: Are the characters based on real people?
A: Again, some are, but many are not. For example, the character that most represents myself is Ine, while Dilawar on the other hand is entirely made up. Many characters share traits of people I know in real life, but aren't meant to accurately represent those people.

Q: How often does this comic update?
A: This comic updates once a week on Tuesdays. I have a family and a full-time job that take priority over this comic, which I work on all in my spare time. If successful, I may be able to update it more frequently in the future.

Q: Does time pass in this comic?
A: Yes it does. The characters age, progress, and move on through life. However, the story doesn't always happen in "real time." Time may pass more quickly or more slowly than real life; don't expect it to always match the calendar. I'll try not to do a Christmas themed comic in August, but no promises...

Q: What software is used to create this webcomic?
A: After sketching out the page, Manga Studio 5 is used to do the inking and text and then Photoshop CS2 for coloring.

Q: Why didn't you wait until your art skills were better before starting this comic?
A: I thought about it, but I finally decided that the best way for me to improve would be to actually get started, and I was right. Committing to a release schedule has helped keep me motivated to work on and improve my art, and I've noticed much more improvement than I had before I began. I've still got a long ways to go, but if you can forgive my artistic foibles for the time being, hopefully they'll diminish over time.

Q: May I offer you some constructive criticism?
A: Yes please! I'm aware that my skills as an artist and storyteller both could use a lot of improvement. However, I'm grateful for any tips on specific areas that need attention. I may not have time to go back and correct mistakes I've made on past pages, but I can certainly use the advice for the future. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. Just remember to keep it civil. You can point out everything that's wrong with my comic as long as you can be polite about it.

Q: May I post your artwork or comics elsewhere on the internet?
A: I'm flattered, but no. Please do not copy and submit any comics or other images from this site to another website, nor link directly to the image files themselves. Like many content creators, I depend heavily on traffic to my website, and I have done my best to make it easily accessible. If you want to share my comic with your friends, please do so by linking them to the webpage containing the comic you want to share; that's actually one of the best ways you can support Aww, Feathers!

Q: I'm thinking of starting my own webcomic. May I ask you for some advice?
A: Good for you! And absolutely! While I still consider myself very much an amateur, I've learned a thing or two. To get you started, I highly recommend you read both Making Comics by Scott McCloud and How to Make Webcomics by Kurtz, Straub, Kellett, and Guigar (yes, that's four authors for the price of one! Deal, no?). After that if you have any other questions, fire away!


An extra large, double decker, super sweet with a cherry on top thank you to my wonderful wife, who not only supported my efforts to make a webcomic from the very beginning (and continues to do so) but who has also provided me with inspiration for material on more than many occasions! I love you sweetie! (All y'alls look away for a minute...) *Smooooch!* <3

A double chocolate, fudge dipped, with extra whipped cream thank you to Ellen Natalie, creator of the webcomic Furry Experience, which played no small roll in inspiring me to finally buckle down and make my own. Not only is she responsible for creating a top-notch, family friendly furry comic, she's also been wonderful at offering advice and words of encouragement to aspiring artists, including myself. Keep up the good work! (If you haven't read Furry Experience, you should definitely check it out at furryexperience.com!)

A powdered sugar'd, boston cream filled thanks to Phil Elliott, the creator of the Comic Strip font, which is used in this comic, and which he generously made free to use! Check out his website (which includes a free download of the font) at elliott-design.com.

And finally, a big, big batch of thank you cookies to each and every one of you who has liked, favorited, followed, commented, shared, or even just viewed this comic. You all are awesome!