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July 1st, 2019, 8:43 pm

AWU Prep and Guest Comics!

TL/DR: The current chapter will be put on pause until August, I'm changing the way I schedule chapter updates for improved consistency, and guest comic submissions are now open. For more info, read on!

I've been finding myself a little stretched lately between travel, comic work, and convention prep. I want to make sure I do a good job with the panels I'm hosting at AWU this year. For that reason, I've decided to pause story updates for this month. There will still be some mini-comics in the interim, and the main story will be back starting the first week of August. As always, I thank you always being so understanding.

On the subject of the comic release schedule, however, I wanted to let you know about a significant upcoming change. In order to make the release of story updates more consistent, I've decided to delay posting each new chapter until said chapter has been completely finished. This means three things:
1. Once a new chapter is ready to start, each page in the chapter will be scheduled to release without any unplanned interruptions; it always bothers me to break up the story flow, and I think it will be a more positive reading experience for you as well.
2. The gap between chapters will likely be longer than usual since any delays in comic work will affect the creation of the following chapter rather than the current one; basically, any story delays (which are, sadly, inevitable) will be condensed to the times between chapters rather than being sprinkled throughout the chapter.
3. Finally, and most presently, that means I will need to complete the chapter following the current one before it begins posting. Because I, unfortunately, don't have anything else in the buffer at the moment, there will be a significant delay between this chapter and the next one while I work on it. It will likely last 2-3 months, which to my knowledge is the longest delay there has been between main comic pages to date. After that though, the delays between chapters will not be nearly so long. And I've got a few things planned to fill the gap. Which brings me to my next point:

Submissions for Aww, Feathers! guest comics are once again open! If you've ever had a fun idea for a comic featuring any of the Aww, Feathers! cast, now's your chance to bring it to life! All styles and skill levels are welcome! By the way, this is just a suggestion, but it would be great to see more of the lady cast members of Aww, Feathers! since many of the previous entries have centered around the guys. But whoever you'd like to include is fine as long as there's at least one character from the comic. Click here to see previous guest comic entries, and click here for official submission rules.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your July!

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