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October 15th, 2018, 11:02 pm

What I've been up to...

Clear back in May I let you all know I was leaving my job as a software developer to give self-employment a try. I gave you a bit of a status report last month. Consider this a follow up.

Big Plans: Aww, Feathers! Book 2 is in its final review stages. Just making sure every i, t, p, q, and all the letters in between are dotted, crossed, and minded! As before, you can reserve your copy of Book 1 or Book 2 (or both!) by heading over to AwwFeathersBook.com!

Over the past couple of months, I've been looking into some freelance programming work. I have very strong programming skills, particularly in front-end game and app development. I created JayLarkStudios.com as a sort of blog/digital portfolio to showcase some of the work I've done, both in programming and digital art. I've also created a profile on upwork and been submitting proposals to all the jobs I can find that match my skills and that I think I'd be a good fit for. Unfortunately, attracting clients has been difficult. I don't know if I'm just not very good at marketing myself, or if it's just not feasible for me to work as a freelancer right now. But if possible, I would really like it to work out. A successful freelance business would give me the flexibility to scale up the amount of time I dedicate to Aww, Feathers! as it becomes more profitable; something that's harder to do with a full-time job I've found (not for lack of trying!)

We can last a little longer before we need to shelve the whole self-employment idea for the time being. There's something you, my wonderful readers, may be able to do to help though. Something I've never asked of you before but thinking about it now, I kinda wish I had. Ah well, hindsight and all that. Anyway, it's simply this: if you or anyone you know are in the market for a freelance programmer or game/app developer, please give me your consideration! I've set up the following URLs for convenience:

  • upwork.jaylarkstudios.com - My upwork profile contains a comprehensive list of my skills and qualifications as a software developer.

  • resume.jaylarkstudios.com - If a traditional resume is more your style, you can see mine, online and up-to-date, here.

  • hire.jaylarkstudios.com - This page contains links to a wider range of the services I offer, including programming and art related jobs.

If you would share any of the above links with anyone you know of who's looking for a skilled programmer, I'd be most appreciative!

Oh, and one final thing. I haven't been sitting on my hands while waiting for clients to roll in. In order to demonstrate to potential clients that I have the skills they're looking for, I've been working on a simple mobile game! It's nearing completion. I'm just ironing out a few more details. I'll definitely share more with you as it nears release time. So stay tuned!

Thanks all. Be well, and I'll do my best to do the same!

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