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July 1st, 2017, 11:36 pm

Slight Schedule Change

Hey all! Sorry for my relative silence recently. These past couple months have been a bit brutal on me. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel... My work schedule should be normalizing soon which should make things a bit easier on me.
That said, I have found it necessary to make a slight change to the comic update schedule. At our current funding level, the comic will still update every Tuesday (with the occasional bonus stuff on Fridays). The only change is that after the end of a chapter, the Q&A page that follows will be considered a normal comic update, and be posted the following Tuesday. This does mean one fewer update than we would normally get whenever a chapter ends, which I don't love. But for the time being, I think it is a necessary, and not too disruptive change.
And the good news is, once we reach our next Patreon funding goal (which we're not too far from at the moment) those in-between Q&A pages will be back to bonus page status, meaning the next chapter can start the very next week (like before).
Thank you all for your understanding and your continued support! I hope your summer has been going well and that you continue to have a fun and safe time with it.
Happy upcoming 4th!

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