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June 12th, 2015, 8:43 pm

Guest Comic - Swimwear

Hehe! Modest clothing--including swimwear--is a topic that is often discussed and occasionally leads to lively debates within Mormon culture. It would seem that Cat has taken it to an extreme! Or maybe she just doesn't like getting her fur wet. ;-)
This has been up in the Bonus Comics section for a while, but it didn't have its own page until now. I figured, it's warming up quite a bit, so it's about time! This is the very first completed comic page I ever made! It was for a guest comic event for Furry Experience, which if you haven't heard me rave about yet, is a super fun, top notch, family friendly furry comic! It's also the one that had a lot to do with inspiring me to create my own, and for that, it will always be one of my special favorites! :-)

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