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September 1st, 2018, 3:22 pm

September Updates

Hey all. Whew, boy!

These past few months have certainly been a trip! We've funded the second Aww, Feathers! book, which is currently in the proofing stage (and still available for preorder at AwwFeathersBook.com). I also attended Anthro Weekend Utah (AWU) which was amaze-beans! As fun as it's been though, preparing and running both my book campaign and dealer's table for AWU took a lot more out of me than I was expecting. I've been feeling rather drained lately. Excited for what the future will bring, to be sure. But a little low on energy.

On top of that, as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm currently not working full-time. I'm pleased with the success of the book campaign and convention. However, it doesn't provide enough to take care of myself and my family. I'm grateful that I was able to take a few months to focus so much time and energy on my book and webcomic. But now I need to shift focus for a while. Providing for my family needs to be my top priority. That doesn't mean this comic is going away! Just that I'll be taking a break. And if you've been following along for a while, you know by now that when I take "breaks" from the comic, I still leave you all with a little something to at least keep you entertained.

So here's my plan. The current chapter will be placed on hold for a while. During the month of September, there will be a mini autobio chapter that I think you'll find amusing. It'll update on Tuesdays, just like before. During that time I'll be shipping out everyone's book orders, and also focusing on getting a stable source of income that will take care of our needs while also allowing me some time to work on projects that are important to me, including Aww, Feathers! Depending on how that goes, come October I may be ready to finish the current chapter and continue with the main storyline, or there may need to be another intermediate mini chapter while I search further. As always though, I'll keep you all informed.

There are those who have asked, "How are you doing?" and "How can I help?" First of all, thank you so much for caring about my family and me! We're doing okay for now. We're not in dire straits just yet. The reason I'm buckling down down now is to prevent us from getting to that point in the first place. As for how you can help, first off just keep sticking around. It may not seem like much, but the fact that people keep reading and commenting and sharing means a lot to me. If you'd like to support the comic financially, you can do so by subscribing on Patreon to unlock bonus content, checking out the Aww, Feathers! Store for books, prints, original artwork, and other merch, or even leaving a one-time donation through ko-fi. I am also open for commissions during this time, but be aware that they'll be pricier than normal right now in order to justify taking time away from my job search. If you're willing to pay it though, I'm happy to take it on.

Thanks again for all your support and your patience! I know it seems like I've been taking a lot of breaks over this past year. I take that as a sign that I, and this comic, are growing. And sometimes growing means re-calibrating in order to make sure things continue to run smoothly. So thank you, and stay tuned!



bscruffy (Guest), September 8th, 2018, 1:19 pm

Reading your journal entries is like watching a tightrope while listening to their narration through a headset; all of us rooting for you and praying for you while you keep all the plates in the air. Whoohoo; go Josh!

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