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April 18th, 2017, 12:51 am

May Postcard Preview!

Last year we had a Father's Day postcard, so this year it's the moms' turn!
You may recall that Dil was adopted by the Attwell's, an otter couple. (If you don't recall, you can read the chapter that talks about it here. And sorry for spoiling the ending...) Dil is very close to them, and enjoys spending time with them whenever possible. Naturally, one favorite activity is swimming! This postcard captures a tender moment between Dil and his mother. He learned to swim long before this of course. (It was one of the first things the Attwell's taught him!) This is just one of many happy water romps.

...Happy otter water romps! :D

Anyhoozie, to get your own copy, make sure to pledge on Patreon either before or during the month of May.

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