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April 29th, 2015, 8:33 pm

Nepal Quake Relief

While going to school, I had a few friends from Nepal. They were international students who lived in or near my apartment complex. It's been several years since I've heard from them. I hope and pray they and their families are all right.
You probably know about the earthquake that shook Nepal just a few days ago, killing thousands and leaving many more homeless and all but helpless. It may seem like old news at this point. But they still need help. Reconstruction and relief efforts are going on right now. You may not feel like you can do much, but you'd be surprised what even a few dollars can do. We tend to think about the cost of living in our cushy, first-world, commercial lifestyle. But the bare necessities of food, clean water, basic hygiene and first aid supplies, etc... things that we take for granted every day but become precious during time of emergency... these things can be provided to those in need thanks to even the smallest donations.
If you are able, please donate to the Nepal Quake Relief effort. Go without fast food, snacks, movies, or whatever for a few days and give what you would have spent to those who lack even their most basic needs. Clicking the strip above will take you to the Red Cross donation page, or you can donate to another charity of your choice. And whether or not you can, please spread the word; encourage your friends and family to give, even share this comic if you're so inclined. Our small efforts combined can make a difference.
Alma 37:6-7

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