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December 3rd, 2014, 6:15 am

Happy Webcomic Wednesday!

Welcome to Webcomic Wednesday! (Isn't alliteration awesome!) You've digested your turkey, you've braved the crowded malls and stores, and you've stayed up late to catch those last-minute online deals. Well, today's a little bit different. Webcomic Wednesday is about comic creators and readers celebrating each other!

First on the agenda, you get a bonus comic today. I hear you like webcomics, so here's a webcomic about webcomics so you can read a webcomic about reading webcomics! XD Check it out here!

Second, watch the awwfeathers twitter account all day today for shout outs to some of my favorite webcomics. While you're at it, share some of your own, and don't forget to use the hashtag #webcomicWednesday!

Finally, I also have a special deal for you. If you're a little short on funds after the recent days' excitement, don't worry; this deal won't cost you any money! I'd like to give those who've taken the time to read my comic a little gift and also get the word out a bit more about my comic, maybe even get some new readers. SO, I'm offering to do a FREE icon, similar in style to these:
Choose a character, expression, theme, etc. and I'll make a head shot icon of him or her. If you'd like one, I ask that you do three of the following (and if you've already done any of them, congrats! You're ahead of the game):

1. Like the AF facebook page: www.facebook.com/AwwFeathers
2. Follow AF on twitter: https://twitter.com/awwfeathers
3. Publicly share a page from the comic on your facebook timeline.
4. Publicly share a page from the comic on your twitter feed.
5. Recommend Aww, Feathers! on up to two other social media sites (may include a blog post, dA journal entry, etc. and counts twice if you do two).
6. Submit an ad through Project Wonderful by clicking the link just below the ad at the top of the screen (this one counts as two, even for free ads).

I want to do icons for as many individuals as complete the requirements above before the end of the year; I'll put a soft limit at, say, a couple dozen, and if I even get close to that many then I'll decide whether to do more. They'll be completed in the order they arrive. (So understand that if there are a lot, it may take a while, but I WILL do them!) When you complete the requirements, just let me know in a comment or email. After I verify that they've been completed (providing a link to each share will help speed up this process) we'll discuss what you'd like for your icon and it will be added to my to-do list.

Phew! Busy day ahead! Thanks so much for your support! Now go out there, read some comics, and have a fun Webcomic Wednesday!

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