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August 30th, 2014, 11:16 am

First Con Ever!

On Thursday, September 4th I'll be going to my first ever Comic Con, the Salt Lake Comic Con! Truth be told, it's also my first ever convention of this kind. I've been to a couple conventions for game developers and one for reptile enthusiasts (I just told you quite a bit about myself, didn't I?) but this will be my first "fandom-based" convention. I'm only going for one day, and I won't be at a booth or anything; my comic is waaaaaay too young for that kind of thing! But some day I plan to have a spot in the Artist Alley. For now, I'll just be perusing the booths and attending a few panels. I will, however, be wearing my Ine shirt (pictured above)! So if you happen to be going and happen to see me there, it'd be awesome if you came up and said hi! (I know it's along shot, but hey, stranger things have happened!)
Comic Con, here I come!

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