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Guest Art!

Dilawar by Kazul

Kazul made this awesome fanart of Dil. I love it! I think it really shows his happy-go-lucky personality.

kazulgfox is on deviantArt and FurAffinity.

Ine Sketch by Nova

Nova does periodic art lessons via livestream and sometimes gives away free art! At one session I attended she drew Ine, looking a little bashful! Awwww!

Check out Nova on Patreon!

Spore Dil and Spore Ine by Reid

Have you ever played Spore? You get to invent your own creature and can make it look like just about anything. To attest to that fact, Reid created both Ine and Dil in the game! He even says he befriended a tribe of Ines, while the Dils just keep trolling him. Sounds about right.
Oh, and he also made a slightly more civilized looking Ine, in some snazzy armor:
You can see Ine, Dil, and armored Ine on the Sporepedia!

Ine Cake!

WAAAAAHHH!! INE CAKE!! A thing of beauty! :'D (You can read the whole story here.)

Ine By Max

I did an art trade with Max a while back, and he did this really neat drawing of Ine. He does excellent work with colored pencil!
You can see more of his work on deviantArt.