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Clue Cards 1

July 9th, 2019, 2:00 am

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inejwstine ( Reply )

Thanks for your patience during this intermission while I prep for Anthro Weekend Utah (the local furry convention I'm going to). To go along with this year's theme of "Furlock Holmes," I've made a set of Aww, Feathers! themed cards for the board game Clue! (Cluedo if you live across the pond.) As an added bonus, after all the cards have been released, you can print them out and use them in place of the original cards that come with the board game! And you totally should, because solving a murder mystery is kind of a bummer compared to deducing who was the prankster and what joke prop they used!

(Obligatory disclaimer: These cards are unofficial. Aww, Feathers! is in no way affiliated with the board game Clue or Hasbro, Inc. Cuz I mean, if it were, you can bet I'd have the scratch to do this full time!)

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