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April 11th, 2017, 2:00 am

Jades Top Anthro Webcomics

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inejwstine ( Reply )

You mean you didn't get her an exact replica of the phone she already had? That would have been impressive...

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Bob Newheart (Guest), April 11th, 2017, 8:04 am

This reminds me of the BYUTV show "Tricked". On several occasions Eric Leclerc (the magician that heads the show) broke phones and "put them back together again". Of course he didn't fix the phones. It's almost a surety that someone was in on the trick. People tend to freak out, though, when you break their phone in front of them.

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inejwstine, April 13th, 2017, 8:59 pm

@Bob Newheart: And for my next trick, I make your blood pressure go up by like, 20 points!

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Triforce Fandom (Guest), April 11th, 2017, 1:59 pm

Na she just stole it from your night stand in the middle of the night then put into the present

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OmegaAlpha (Guest), April 12th, 2017, 6:43 am

Think she somehow set her up on a random blind date is my guess.

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Pikachao, April 12th, 2017, 8:12 am

Just figured you needed another phone. you know, so you can add to your workload

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inejwstine, April 13th, 2017, 9:00 pm

@Pikachao: Twice the phones equals like, three times the productivity! Math, amiright?

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