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Fur or Feathers 4 - by Brian Sparling

December 6th, 2016, 2:00 am

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inejwstine ( Reply )

This has not been Dil's finest moment.
Hope you're enjoying this story so far by Brien Sparling! It'll be wrapping up soon.

On a completely unrelated note, ahem... *sings softly* Happy Birthday to meeee...

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Reader Comments

Happy Birthday (Guest), December 6th, 2016, 11:35 am

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Life 3 confirmed. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

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inejwstine, December 6th, 2016, 11:37 am

@Happy Birthday: Hehe! Thank you so much!

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Ryker Malone (Guest), December 6th, 2016, 6:18 pm

Feather party for Chris!

And happy birthday you big feathery lizard!

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Bscruffy (Guest), December 6th, 2016, 8:05 pm

Happy Birthday Josh! May your celebration week be fantastic and, even better, may your young ones sleep all night!

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Bscruffy (Guest), December 7th, 2016, 8:02 am

Happy Birthday Josh!
May you enjoy another year of the Lords favor and may your babies sleep all night.

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inejwstine, December 7th, 2016, 12:53 pm

@Bscruffy: Thank you much! (The kids almost made it the whole night!)

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