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Running Late - by Austin Bradley

November 18th, 2016, 2:00 am

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Feathers! I left my breakfast on the oven! *runs back* Aww, Dil ate it...|¡Plumas! ¡Dejé mi desayuno en el horno! ...Ay, Dil ya se lo comió.|Ine: Feathers!!! I'm going to be late for class!``Ine: Huff huff``Ine: Sorry.``Ine: I *gasp* made it.``Ine: *Gasp* ...Where is everyone? *Wheeze*``Janitor: What're you doing here kid? It's a holiday.|Ine: ¡Plumas! ¡Casi estoy tarde por la clase!``Ine: Huf huf``Ine: Perdon.``Ine: Aquí estoy...``Ine: ...¿Dónde están todos?``Portero: Y ¿qué haces aquí chiquillo? Hoy es día festivo.|engOnly

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inejwstine ( Reply )

At least Ine's not the only one. Unless Tea is just going for a leisurely stroll through campus.

Thank you to Austin Bradley for submitting a guest comic even while working on his own! You can check out his recently rebooted webcomic at What We Remember The Most.

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