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Game Time 4

July 19th, 2016, 2:00 am

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inejwstine ( Reply )

That concludes this short chapter. A super big thanks once again to Kazul for her guest appearance in this chapter! In addition to being a good friend of mine, she's also a very talented artist. You should check out her artwork on deviantArt which includes quite a lot of RoR... er, I mean WoW themed art.

Curious about Ine's "research?" Maybe this can shed a bit more light on that. ;-)

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Ryker Malone (Guest), July 19th, 2016, 11:30 am

Several nights later Ine is a sleep deprived wreck, trying to farm up his stats in RoR.

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inejwstine, July 23rd, 2016, 2:10 pm

@Ryker Malone: Must... obtain... Legendary... Tail Ring...

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Ryker Malone (Guest), July 23rd, 2016, 4:35 pm

@inejwstine: Which for being legendary turns out to have a mediocre strength buff and a heal rate that might as well be non existent ^^

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summerstorm, July 20th, 2016, 12:47 pm

I just hope Ine doesn't get to caught up in his "research"h

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inejwstine, July 23rd, 2016, 2:11 pm

@summerstorm: Ine's a pretty good student, but he's been known to get sidetracked. Guess we'll see how it goes!

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